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Vanda Gonzales

$5.00 per hour

Here’s a brief self-introduction. I am Vanda Sanreah Gonzales,
turning 26, and a proud mother of three boys. I am a team player
and I bring out the best in people. I am pretty much well-rounded
in Business English, Human Resource, Advertising, Lead
Generation, Data Entry, Real Estate, Events Organizing, Agriculture,
Graphics, and Commerce. I majored in Journalism back in the
university and have had a few units in Advertising and Media
I worked as a Customer Service Representative for StraightTalk
Wireless and Net10 for a couple of years. I had undergone training
for Irate Callers. I have been a VA to several bosses in the US, UK,
and Australia. I have also worked with Technical Writers,
Journalists, Real Estate Brokers, Lawyers, Retailers, Construction
Companies, and Events Organizers.
For technicalities, I use a Laptop PC with Intel Core i3, running
Windows 8.1 (Windows 10 ready), 10 mbps speed connected via
LAN cable, ISP – Globe Telecom, well-working headset with
mouthpiece, personal soundproof work room, a pocket Wi-Fi, and
a power generator in cases of power interruption.
I believe in the power of closed loop communication. I have
excellent Time Management Skills and I do understand
Responsibility. I will deliver.
I believe I should be hired because I am emotionally stable. I
understand the emotional demands for the job and I’ve got them. I
am accessible 24/7 even on holidays and I reply within minutes. I
value work output and I have strong attention to detail.
I’m a full time freelancer and I can work both US, UK, and
Australian business hours or as per client’s request.

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